Exodus 1 – The First Flagship Crypto Smartphone

A lot of us love the sleek phones from the smartphone giant HTC. While the company has struggled for some time now, HTC is not ready to throw in the towel. Indeed, the high-end smartphone maker has never left anyone in doubt when it comes to its capacity to regain significant smartphone market share. Consequently, the Taipei City-based mobile phone maker has jumped on the blockchain bandwagon, unveiling its crypto flagship, the Exodus 1. The Exodus 1 is particularly unique as it allows users to have firsthand experience of the amazing world of blockchain even as it delivers top-notch security. Unveiled on October 23rd, the Exodus 1 will be available in brick-and-mortar and online stores this December. The launch will make HTC the first major smartphone manufacturer to launch into the blockchain space.

Exodus 1 Specifications

The tech wizardry behind this amazing phone will wow even a hardened HTC smartphone critic. Indeed, apart from boasting 6GB RAM, Exodus also features a 16-megapixel dual rear camera for capturing precious moments. What’s more? The crypto-based smartphone also delivers a high-end Snapdragon 845 processor, reaffirming its superb processing speed. Feel free to say that Exodus is an alternative to iPhone XS or Galaxy 9. Nonetheless, it is way ahead of them. Even though Exodus runs on Android, it also has a provision for securing private keys. That’s right, nobody gets to have access to your cryptocurrencies except you. Do you know why? Exodus allows users to secure their cryptocurrency in a location on the device that is not prone to Android vulnerabilities.

Losing Exodus

Looking at how you could recover your cryptocoins in iPhone and Android devices, is pretty easy. Yes, recovering your funds is as simple as retrieving your data. Nevertheless, this blockchain-powered smartphone is offering something much tougher. HTC says Exodus 1 will integrate Social Key Recovery, which is a set of passwords you could share with friends and family members. Pondering over what Social Key Recovery would do? You are not alone. According to HTC, Social Key Recovery will enable you to contact about 3 to 5 friends and family members so as to retrieve your digital currency.

Why Do We Need Blockchain Phones?

In the quest to “democratize all things,” you may wonder why is blockchain technology creeping into the mobile phone ecosystem. Fair enough.  Given that cryptocurrency proponents are working around the clock to push digital currency to the mainstream, mobile phones could just be the means to that end.  Indeed, much as encrypted communication devices already exist, making blockchain-based smartphones could spur a new wave of crypto-adoption. Moreover, these phones could serve as a node in the blockchain network, that’s according to HTC. Given these points, time will tell what other purposes they can serve.

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