Coinbase Catalogs Brave’s Basic Attention Token (BAT)

Earning a Coinbase listing is a crowning achievement for any cryptocoin. For some time now, there have been talks wafting within the cryptocurrency space that Coinbase could catalog web browser Brave’s Basic Attention Token (BAT). It is no longer a mere rumor.

One of the best things that often happens to a cryptocurrency project is to get listed on a cryptocurrency exchange. Indeed, this is particularly true given that the project experiences huge demands leading to a ramp-up of its price as it is accessible to millions of exchange users. It’s even more exciting if the exchange is no other than the most popular one, Coinbase, which is by far the biggest in the cryptocurrency market.

Coinbase Adds BAT to Its Portfolio

Indeed, Coinbase is adding BAT to its retail trading platform. Unsurprisingly, this move is coming less than one week after the Coinbase listed it on the more exclusive Coinbase Pro. With the listing, customers can now sell, buy and trade the altcoin on the platform, Coinbase noted. The platform also pointed out that access to BAT services is available on desktop, as well as on Android and iOS apps. The addition of BAT to Coinbase’s professional trading platform makes it the second ERC20 token to earn the exchange’s listing after 0x project.

However, Coinbase said that BAT trading is not available for all its users at the moment. The exchange added that New Yorkers would be the first set of cryptocurrency traders to enjoy the service. Even after the announcement, CCG can authoritatively confirm that Coinbase Pro customers in the Empire State couldn’t trade BAT at the time.

Impact on the Price of BAT

Earning a Coinbase’s listing is no tea party. Guess what, the price of BAT didn’t disappoint. A few minutes after Coinbase released the announcement, the Attention token price experienced a momentous 5% spike, hitting $0.39 USD. Unsurprisingly, this is its highest price since July 24th, 2018. Moreover, in a mere 15 minutes’ trading time, the volume surged by $15M USD on competitor Binance alone. In addition, profit-taking quickly followed suit after the initial boost. At press time, BAT is recording a loss of 8% from the initial high.

Background Information

Brave Browser offers a decentralized, digital ad platform that is based on Ethereum blockchain. Well, the aim of the blockchain is to change the way users, advertisers and publishers interact. So, the utility of the token, BAT, is to offer users attention within the digital realm. One of the things the Brave browser offers to users is that it blocks ad content while they surf on the web.

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