Sirin Labs Hires Messi Ahead Of Smartphone Launch

There is no single technological invention with the hype comparable to blockchain in recent times. Interestingly, the technology keeps spawning projects by the day. Not to mention, the technology is attracting sports personalities in throngs. In this light, Sirin Labs will launch a Messi-backed blockchain smartphone in late November.

As Digital Trends explains, a blockchain phone is a mobile handset that connects the user to the world of cryptocurrency. In particular, the phone integrates “blockchain technology and key cryptocurrency tools with one of the world’s most secure mobile operating systems to keep everything safe.

Sirin Labs Brand Ambassador

Dubbed the “Finney phone,” the handset provides military-grade security as well as top-notch functionalities. Interestingly, it grosses for $1,000 USD just like most of the existing luxury brands and flagship smartphones. The highlight of the launch is perhaps the presence of Lionel Messi. Messi is a Barcelona football star and is one of the most recognizable brands in the world at the moment.

Sirin Labs explains that the relationship with Messi goes back to mid-December 2017. The football superstar is the official brand ambassador. However, Sirin Labs clarifies that Messi is not the company’s spokesperson as such. Instead, he recognizes the significance of the business since he has a personal interest in how it operates. Further, as a brand ambassador, Messi will educate others on the merits of blockchain, especially in Sirin Labs’ context.

A Brand Ambassador is someone who recognizes the significance of a company and agrees to represent that company in a professional manner, educate others about it, and bring awareness to it,” the company elucidates.

Messi-backed Blockchain Smartphone Compatible with IDEX Ethereum Decentralized Exchange

Interestingly, the Messi-backed blockchain smartphone comes with a cold wallet for storage of cryptocurrency. Further, the wallet is compatible with IDEX Ethereum decentralized exchange. This implies that users can make transactions over the exchange with the tokens directly from the wallet. Further, the IDEX decentralized exchange will allow users to trade at reduced fees for the first 30 days from buying.

On top of that, the phone comes with the decentralized auction house, Portion, as its unique proprietary dCENTER. With the feature, the phone will connect users instantly to the digital world. Further, they will get ready access to a wide array of cryptocurrency collectibles like never before.

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