BlockEstate Broadens Its Reach With Marketing Pros

A digital securities marketing platform, Issuance Inc., announced on Monday that it has signed a marketing agreement with BlockEstate. This fintech company focuses on using predictive analytics to maximize return on investment (ROI) for investors within the tokenized real estate funds ecosystem. Recall that Issuance earlier signed an agreement with OpenFinance Network. On the other hand, the background information of OpenFinance shows that it is a platform that trades securities tokens under the United States investment regulations.

The Goal of the Agreement

In summary, the aim of the bilateral agreement is for Issuance to provide BlockEstate with the necessary exposure to a broad spectrum of market key players within the digital securities industry. To achieve this, Issuance will use its vast connection with the venture capitals, cryptocurrency hedge funds, and family offices, who are investing in digital securities.

BlockEstate Is Making the Right Moves

BlockEstate debuted at a hackathon in Toronto, which was tagged the Blockchain Futuristic Conference. Also, the blockchain-based real estate firm announced a partnership with other firms recently. These firms were a securities token trading platform, Polymath, and CoinList’s ComplyAPI.  Interestingly, ComplyAPI will become the investors’ trading portal, BlockEstate noted. Similarly, Polymath developed the popular ST-20 standard that enforces token trading restrictions. In summary, the firm is pioneering a real estate funding model, as it has over $650M USD in its enormous property development and administration experience. Unarguably, its skilled background makes it a better risk manager as BlockEstate distributes risks among numerous real estate assets. In addition, the company will become the first issuer of ST-20 digital securities protocol.

Official Remarks

Speaking for his company, Issuance CEO, Darren Marble, expressed his excitement over the successful closure of the agreement. On the role the company will play, Marble noted that they would be a BlockEstate’s strategic marketing advisor. He further explained the business interest of BlockEstate, saying that it is one of the global companies that uses tokenized equities to provide access to the US real estate market. Also, he disclosed that tokenized real estate funds are new asset classes. He added that it is an honor that BlockEstate chose his company for its fundraising initiatives.

In response, Steven Skinner, the co-founder of BlockEstate, stressed the values that the firm is giving its investors. Skinner noted that BlockEstate provides easy access to the lucrative US real estate market with amazing tax-saving benefits. He stressed that they have teamed up with Issuance for a number of purposes. These purposes, according to him, are investor outreach and education for their future fundraisers.


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