Specs Of The Pioneering Blockchain Smartphone By Sirin Labs Announced

Towards the end of last year a crowd sale which raised approximately $157.8 million was launched by Sirin Labs to aid the development of the first blockchain smartphone in the world known as The Finney. The name of the blockchain smartphone was derived from Hal Finney, the late developer of Bitcoin.

“Our team has been working vigorously to make sure that the first blockchain smartphone is cutting edge in all technical aspects. Our collaboration with FIH ensures that we will be offering state-of-the-art design with device architecture that will enable true security and user-friendly blockchain experience,” the Co-Chief Executive Officer of SIRIN LABS, Zvika Landau, said in a press release.

High-end specs

Per the press release the Finney will be equipped with a Snapdragon 845 processor and RAM of 6GB while the storage capacity of the Finney will amount to 128 gigabytes. The back camera of the Finney will possess 12 megapixels while the front-facing camera will have an 8 megapixel camera. The size of the smartphone’s display will be 6 inches and 402PPI in pixel density. On the display will be a fingerprint sensor which will offer added security.

The Finney will sport a battery of 3000mAh and it will take 2 hours to full charge it. Charging it up to the 50% level will take half an hour. Sirin Lab’s blockchain smartphone will have a water resistance level of IP52. Since it will be run on Google’s operating system for mobile devices specifically Android version 8.1 there will be a wide variety of apps available for download.

The Finney will support a wide variety of virtual currencies. With the key feature of the blockchain smartphone being the cold storage virtual currency wallet, automatic and seamless conversions of tokens will be enabled. This will allow ease of use making it unnecessary to use exchanges. The Finney will be manufactured by Foxconn International Holding.

For purposes of ensuring that the digital assets contained in the wallet remain safe the wallet will be delinked from the smartphone when it is not in use. Activating the wallet will require a specific button to be pushed. Sirin Labs also claims that its blockchain smartphone will be tamper-proof.

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