The Initial Coin Offering Launching Platform Of Stratis (STRAT) Now Available

A platform that lets non-technical users invest in Initial Coin Offerings is set to be launched by Stratis (STRAT), a blockchain-as-a-service solution. This will allow small businesses to unveil their own blockchain applications besides ICOs in a simple manner. Thus businesses will not be required to have individuals who possess highly specialized blockchain technology skills in order to use it.

The blockchain applications of Stratis are developed using the C# programming language and they are deployed on .NET framework. Previously there weren’t many blockchain platforms which were written in C Sharp despite the fact that a significant number of corporations run the .NET framework. On the other hand updates on the Stratis platform are made via Project Breeze.

Using Stratis businesses will not only be in a position of launching blockchain projects but they will also be offered consulting services and this is expected to assist users in the development journey. The platform will also possess a smart contracts component. However an alpha version of the smart contracts software will be released mid this month while a live version of it will be launched later. Besides being a blockchain tech platform Stratis is additionally an altcoin which can be traded in various cryptocurrency exchanges across the globe.

Per the pioneering Initial Coin Offering on the network of Stratis will be launched sometime this month. This is a project known as GLUON which offers a secure network for interconnected vehicles where the particular vehicles can be diagnosed, monitored and tracked using blockchain technology, Internet of Things devices and artificial intelligence. While this project does not have an official date that has been sent there is a whitelist where those who are interested can sign up.

Other than Gluon other firms or projects that Stratis has partnered with includes Earth Twine Incorporated which is applying blockchain technology in the seafood sector to track and collect information on origins. Some of the benefits that Earth Twine Incorporated is expected to enjoy from using the blockchain technology offered by Stratis includes fostering and maintaining speed, reliability and a high level of trust in the seafood sector.

The efforts of Earth Twine in this regard have also received the support of the AISP – Association of International Seafood Professionals. Currently the worldwide seafood market is worth around $158 billion in annual revenues. The sector is at the moment enjoying 3.8% as the compounded annual growth rate.

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