Co-founder Of IOST (IOST) Samantha Wang Reflects On Experiences

The crypto business may be a boys’ society, but that does not stop women from demolishing the door. That is in keeping with Samantha Wang, a successful entrepreneur, and co-founder of IOST (IOST), a venture-grade blockchain substructure for online services.

In a Tête-a-tête with CoinJournal, Wang talked about the aims in which the platform wants to succeed. She also spoke about her navigation in the crypto world as a college girl.  In fact, she used to get requests from crypto millionaires for dates in their yachts.  Finally, she spoke about how China’s WeChat is linking ladies in the business.

In 2013, Wang made some small investments so as to repay her tuition fee. Conversely then, she accepts she did not recognize the real possibilities of cryptocurrency or blockchain.

Institution Of IOST

Following her graduation Wang, worked as a journalist in Hong Kong. Later on after reconnecting with Jimmy Zhong and Ray Xiao, her college chums, they jointly instituted IOST  in Jan 2018. She believes that the field has but to rake a blockchain platform ascendable enough to preserve real-world acceptance. The basic problems that this arena is facing have to be fixed first.

According to CoinMarketCap, even though this cryptocurrency is only 8 months old, it still is among the top 55 cryptocurrencies. IOST now has 6 international offices, many venture capitalists’ partnerships, and lists in the top 5 largest exchanges.

Growth Of IOST

For the past few months, many things have been occurring for the platform. In June, IOST established Everest, its community testnet, as well as Bluehill, a brooder to create dApps. This application on top of the platform’s network aims to build practical use cases for blockchain technology.

In July, launching of a referral program and a Community Hub for IOST took place. The result – within twelve hours of its commencement – there were 10,000 sign-ups from 172 countries. Altogether, IOST has had over one million exclusive visitors to the site plus more than 100,000 new members. The end of the month saw IOST being indexed on Upbit, the largest exchange in South Korea.

Challenges Faced By Wang

Wang faces the challenge of persuading the public, as well as the media, that the blockchain is not simply a passing phase. Yet another obstacle she is trying to overcome is to convince people that decentralization is an excellent thing.

Wang says, “This will be a long education process that may take years, but it’s worth the fight.”

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