Criticism Pours In For Former Australian Cricket Star For Supporting ICO

Michael Clarke endorsing publicly an ICO has brought in a lot of criticism for him. The former Australian cricket star early this week “took to Twitter” to extend his support to Global Tech of Brisbane.

Clarke Reveals His Excitement For ICO

The former captain of the Australian cricket team recently made use of Twitter to support SmartCompany. The platform, in its incubation, stage is to function as “part social network, part cryptocurrency exchange.”

In the tweet, Clarke appears in a marketing image of Global Tech and his message reads, “exciting times ahead.”

“I am really excited to be involved with Global Tech. Their ambition and drive is something that I resonated with straight away and I can’t wait to learn more about blockchain technologies.”

Image Posting By Global Tech

The posting of the image brought in intense counterattacks by both fans and the crypto community. A lot of queries came up asking as to why should anyone without any tech industry experience risk their reputation. In particular, why endorse an ICO whereby their track records of financing are full of failures and frauds.

Amusing Response To The Support

Famous investor John Hampton’s response was in particular amusing. Hampton suggests to the former cricketer that Sandpaper investment is better.  This comment is a reference to the recent scandal in the Aussie cricket team whereby the members used sandpaper to tamper the balls during a match:

“Suggest Mr. Clarke you just buy sandpaper. It will do less damage to your reputation.”

Many wonder how much Clarke was paid to promote the Global Tech project. The only ambassador is Clarke and his is the only message appearing on the company’s website.

Criticism By The Founder Of CanYa

Yet another voice of disapproval comes from JP Thorbjornsen, the founder of CanYa, a crypto freelance marketplace. He says that he is dubious of celebrities supporting such ventures. Thorbjornsen further went on to say that the act by Clarke is senseless and his reputation is at stake.

“As far as I understand Michael Clarke has nothing to do with blockchain tech. If he was endorsing new cricket tech it would make sense and I’d respect that, but endorsing an exchange with a shit website is definitely pushing it for me.”

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