Tron (TRX) Community Receives Utmost Praise From uTorrent VP

Recently, uTorrent won a poll and has become one of the Super Representatives of the Tron (TRX) network. Justin Sun, the founder of Tron Foundation, made the announcement to this effect. The moment David Rees, the VP of Engineering of uTorrent came to know about this, he was full of praise for the Tron community.

Tron Community Passion For P2P

Rees is confident that his company can carry the power of their experience in P2P technology to the crypto space. He went on to say that the team will work towards the growth of the Tron network. Thereby uTorrent becomes the ‘apparent partner’ of the community.

According to Rees, the Tron community is fanatical about P2P technology, so also is uTorrent. The acquisition of BitTorrent by Tron did not in any way shake his confidence of becoming a part of the Super Representative program. Constant updating to the community and communication via social media are the promises taken up by Rees.

uTorrent is tweeting about the participation on Twitter. The profile remarks on the social media platform that it is a day for celebration. To encounter the demands of Tron ecosystem, the company will also provide the infrastructure together with other Super Representatives.

The tweet of uTorrent reads like this:

 “Today we celebrate. Tomorrow we provide the infrastructure needs to meet the demands of the #TRON ecosystem. The entire team is proud to be joining the 26 other Super Representatives. Thank you once again for your votes!”

uTorrent: The Super Representative

The Super Representative’s mission is to represent the members of the Tron system. They will play a major role in the future authority arrangement of the platform.

Tron’s most recent updates make it all the more clear that it is giving preference to increase its present level of members. Consequently, by means of the Tron network, there is an increase in the number of ‘TRONICS’. To the list of Super Representative program, the most recent addition is uTorrent. The profile will allow its users to transfer, arrange, as well as share the documents by a P2P network.

So Is The Super Representative Program Successful?

The Super Representative Program is a grand success. It has at present more than 64 candidates as a part of the program. The SR members of the Tron Foundation have a major part to play. They will have to shape the future governance arrangement of the firm. Thereby they will mainly stand for the interests of the Tron community.

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