Glance Technologies’ Latest Feature Will Enable Bitcoin (BTC) Payments

Glance Technologies Inc., the owner and operator of Glance Pay, has announced the integration of a new feature that will enable Bitcoin (BTC) payment on their ecosystem. This means that the crypto-asset users of Glance Pay will start enjoying BTC payments in no time. Tagged “Pay With Bitcoin,” Glance Pay users can now pair their virtual currency wallets to Glance Pay accounts. What’s more? “Pay With Bitcoin” will also enable Glance Pay users to pay for Glance Dollars with BTC. In case you are not aware, Glance dollars are credits that users spend instantly at various pay points which accept Glance Pay.

Why “Pay With Bitcoin”?

Indeed, what makes Pay With Bitcoin interesting is the function it will bring to the ecosystem. Pay With Bitcoin is an important feature in Glance’s quest to advance its blockchain infrastructure. Bitcoin is the world’s preeminent digital currency, but it suffers setbacks all the time. The most notable setback is delay as its transactions take hours to complete. However, Glance’s new feature will solve this problem as it will enable lightning-fast payments.

Also, merchants have expressed reluctance in adopting cryptocurrencies due to the challenges of setting up and managing their wallets. Without doubt, the processes are cryptic and complicated. But Glance will still allow users to receive payments in fiat currencies without having the knowledge of virtual currency.    

The Glance CEO Explains

The Glance Technologies CEO, Desmond Griffin, said that they are excited to incorporate the payment technology as part of their long-term growth strategy. CEO Griffin noted that the feature will unlock the values of their crypto-asset clients as they use it every day. Speaking of merchants, he pointed out that it is a cutting-edge payment method for them.

Griffin is currently championing an enlightenment campaign that will see him discuss Glance’s mobile payment in a conference in Vancouver. In the conference, the chief executive will also extensively discuss other Glance’s products such as Pay With Bitcoin and Glance PayMe.

Background Information

Glance owns Glance Pay, a payment method that enables smartphone users to shop, make payments, order goods and services. In addition, they can also access digital receipts, earn rewards and perform other daily activities. Also, Glance offers custom feedback, in-app marketing, in-merchant messaging, and other services. Well, Glance recently acquired a blockchain-based solution and is working on its own virtual currency. The Glance Pay mobile payment features proprietary technology. What’s more? Its iOS and Android versions are available for free download on their various stores. The whitepaper of Glance cryptocurrency is also available on its official website.

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