Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Entrepreneurs Now Get Their Own Coworking Space

Blockchain and cryptocurrency entrepreneurs will now have their own coworking space in the heart of New York City. This is thanks to Supercharge Blockchain’s inclusive approach of building a blockchain community, encouraging growth and innovation.

Benefits of the Coworking Space

Over the last few years, coworking spaces are getting increasingly popular among entrepreneurs and startup communities, due to several associated benefits.

Coworking spaces enhance the collaborative aspects of professionals with complementary skills. Additionally, these space also provide a conducive environment for the holistic growth of entrepreneurial ideas.

About Supercharge Blockchain

Supercharge Blockchain is a 7500 square foot coworking space and blockchain incubator headquartered near the Hudson River, New York. The primary mission is to bring together like-minded individuals, companies, and influencers on the same platform.

Similarly, by creating dedicated workspaces for blockchain and crypto entrepreneurs, it can help trigger exponential growth in this sector. Furthermore, Supercharge Blockchain’s coworking space harbors all top-notch facilities.

Nick Zhou, Chief Marketing Officer of Supercharge, said,

“We strive for our coworking space to be a sanctuary. A place where ideas can evolve and take shape, giving way to a living, breathing business. We want to help aspiring and existing small businesses get the best start they can here in the heart of New York City.”

It includes dedicated media rooms for marketing and PR, sound system and projectors for education and training, and above all VIP meeting space for investor discussions. In short, Supercharge Blockchain is a one-stop destination catering to several entrepreneurial requirements.

Also A Blockchain Incubator

The Supercharge Blockchain coworking space located at just minutes walk away from Wall Street, gives entrepreneurs an easy connect with top industry players.

Additionally, the company acts as an incubator, investing in excellent individual ideas and companies. It also aides the search for startup mentors, investors, co-founders, and partners.

Supercharge Blockchain incentivizes its members by providing an additional fuel in the form of learning, networking, and industry events. It routinely organizes events and conferences for all participants of the blockchain-startup-ecosystem. These events and conferences play a crucial role in transpiring practical information and advice to individuals and companies.

Other Blockchain Coworking Spaces in New York City

Supercharge Blockchain is undoubtedly not the first blockchain coworking space.

New York, the financial capital of United States, is a host to many other blockchain coworking spaces. Some of the other popular blockchain and cryptocurrency co-working projects operating in the city include Orchard Block, BuroHQ, Crypto NYC, and others.

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