Japanese Public Companies are Entering the Cryptocurrency Space

Japanese Public Companies are entering the Cryptocurrency Space

Public listed companies in Japan are joining the cryptocurrency space at a very high rate. A report over the weekend showed that six fully listed companies were launching their own crypto exchanges with 3 more listed companies planning to also enter the crypto space with different Crypto offerings.

Appbank Inc. which plans and manages content distribution like videos and live broadcasts through the operation of a gaming and smartphone-related media site known as Appbank.net is also planning to join the crypto space. The company which claims to be the biggest Japan iPhone Media announced that it would be launching a virtual currency distribution content platform known as @Blast. The company announced that it would be opening the platform this month with the aim of helping crypto investors.

According to Appbank: “@Blast will be a web service platform which will distribute digital currencies through different content centered on entertainment and games.” Using the @Blast platform the company has been planning to promote the spread of cryptocurrencies while offering users a place to interact with digital currencies and learn how they operate from this platform.

Another registered company with similar plans is the I-Freek Mobile Inc. which has been providing content for mobile phone users. This company has recently announced that it had modified its articles of registration in order to all cryptocurrency exchange business. The company is expected to launch its exchange platform in the company’s general meeting of stakeholders which will be held on June 27th.

Samurai & J Partners which is popular for its banking, fintech and IT services has also announced its entrance into the cryptocurrency space. The company will enter the cryptocurrency market through its subsidiary called Samurai which has already been listing crypto-related fund called the Digital Currency Mining Fund. The company has now announced that it will start offering tokens and even start a money lending platform for cryptocurrency holders and investors.

Cryptocurrency market has become a good escape route for companies which are struggling financially. Many companies have joined the platform either as miners or exchange companies not to mention those launching their own digital coins. Despite the price of cryptocurrencies going down and the sector losing more than 50% of its market cap value the entrance of institutional investors is very good especially in popularizing the market and pushing it towards becoming mainstream.

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