Hackers Show Vulnerabilities in Block Explorer Sites

The Etherscan platform hack is one of the most recent scares in the crypto community. It seems hackers and scammers are out in number to exploit any weaknesses in the digital currency. Blockchain, in addition, remains solid because anyone, anywhere, and at any time can look into any transaction. This is unlike traditional financial institutions that do not have clients’ information on open servers. People are the ones that maintain and use the blockchain.  Accessing blockchain data requires users to access websites known as block explorers. This helps them to find transactions, trends, and check any cryptocurrency records.

Concerns Over Block Explorers’ Vulnerability

One of the most famous block explorers is Etherscan. There was a hacking of the Ethereum platform this past Monday. Even though it was harmless, it opened up a wave of speculation about what the hack could have possibly done. Furthermore, the repercussions would have jeopardized the whole crypto market had the hacker taken the time to change some of the information. It seemed that all the hacker wanted to do was to prove the vulnerability on the platform.

Disabling Of The Comment Platforms

The hacker left a pop up saying “1337,” which is an old school term for telling somebody they have been hacked. Twitter and other social media users noted the issue and immediately reported to the site for action. There was a realization that all the hacker had to do was leave a comment on the platform and get into the system. Etherscan quickly disabled all their comment platforms and posted on Reddit about the situation.

How The Hack Could Have Affected Trading

In as much as the hack would not have affected any digital wallet directly, there could have been serious consequences. The use of block explorers is to display trends and graphs that help investors make choices in the market. Such a move would easily allow hackers to change the graph readings and trends resulting i abnormal transactions.

New Security Plans

In addition to this, there would be an alteration of prices changing the whole market setup within hours. The hack would also have a severe impact on major players. Many block explorers have been targeted since recent hacks had a focus on digital currencies. The event has led to sites rethinking their security when it comes to information protection. Users depend on information to make decisions and if this would come to effect, the damage would be unpredictable.

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