Blockchain Career Paths You’ll Want to Know About

From the look of things, blockchain will single-handedly spearhead the next industrial revolution. Indeed, the technology is already disrupting nearly all sectors known to man. From manufacturing to healthcare, education to business; no doubt, it is increasingly transforming those industries. What is even more interesting is that distributed ledger technology (DLT) is gradually giving rise to exciting careers around the world. In this piece, we will highlight 5 juicy jobs in this career pathway.

Blockchain Developer

Are you a blockchain enthusiast? Trying your hands at development is one of the ways of keeping the wolf from your door for good. Indeed, as this technology creeps into many sectors, it proves to be indispensable. So, if you are outstanding at scripting languages for coding purposes, your worries are so over. Guess what, these guys earn as high as $130,000 per year in the United States.

Blockchain Quality Engineer

Furthermore, you could also be a Quality Engineer. But that can only happen if you know your way around the innovative technology. Indeed, the engineers ensure that the quality of the blockchain at every stage is excellent. In addition to that, Quality Engineers plan and ensure the delivery of high-quality but complex projects. Additionally, they also give expert advice on desired test automation that Developers can implement. If you make a career in this orbit, you could potentially be pocketing between $100,000 and $150,000 per year.

Blockchain Project Manager

Indeed, the growing demand for blockchain technology in improving and facilitating business processes has given rise to lucrative DLT jobs. Without a doubt, Project Management is certainly one of them. What does it entail, exactly? Project Managers communicate their companies’ technical requirements to developers and contractors. What’s more? They serve as the first line of communication in the day-to-day operation of integration and development. If you are looking to give this profession a shot, keep in mind that you will need a master’s degree first. It goes without saying that knowing the latest trends is a must here.

Blockchain Attorney

Feel free to call it legal services within the blockchain circus. Basically, Attorneys in this sector offer expert advice on how to structure and run initial coin offerings (ICOs). Indeed, this profession is becoming popular and lucrative, given that lots of new companies are having a go at the evolving technology. In this profession, take-home pay is negotiable depending on the advice the client (firm) seeks.

Blockchain Intern

Sure, being an intern could be a perfect starting point for young programmers and developers looking to get a foot in the door. In recent times, companies that have keyed into blockchain are increasingly making provisions for interns. Ideally, they design and develop solutions for companies without getting into the technicalities. In short, they earn between $15 and $30 per hour.

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